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Freedom Holdings, Inc. is a Publicly Traded Corporate Holding company

in the Cannabis Industry.

Maintaining Cannabis Subsidiaries and Focusing on helping Cu.

FREEDOM HOLDINGS is publicly traded Holding Company with several subsidiaries focused in the Medical cannabis arena focusing on Beverages, manufacturing under 420 Beverages and MEDcann, Inc.with Medical Cannabis, Inc. Our company holds three 420 – 215 licenses under two of our company . We are focusing on Research, Medical beverage overseeing product manufacturing and sells. Our sub divisions in the cannabis industry, along with their associated products in the medical and health industries. Plans to Grow, Cultivate, Research and Manufacture CBD and THC beer and soft drinks in the medical marijuana industry with products that help Illnesses.

Our licensing module includes a useful 22,000 sq. ft facility of tools and equipment for core growing operations, which manage large testing or projects that have a number of variables to consider; from growing to edibles. This model will allow us to better handle the process of individual tasks, such as managing service requests and resource reservations, but the core will also be able to tie those tasks to a larger project, associate a protocol to the project (if applicable), and track the project’s overall grow progresses.

Our intent is to pass Clinical Trials pursuant to offer its Credit ability so we can get FDA and Patient Recognition. Trying to get FDA Approval under the Cannabis structure may be close to impossible do to the fact there are over 1000 chemical’s in each strain of cannabis. Known this, it would be next to impossible to get approval, but we plan to set a preference and mark the new beginning of history by opening the doors to recognition of the potential future for patients curiosity and satisfaction.

This is so we can pursue Insurance companies to help support patient with our VCO (Visita Care Oil) a remake of the RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). Cannabis, Marijuana and all its Bio mass products are presently FDA approved and trademarked by the Government.

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Corporate Subsidiaries:

1) Medical Cannabis, Inc.
Is the Primary Medical Cannabis Cultivation Company in which holds a Micro-license with the rights to Grow Retail – Whole Sale

2) Village Flora
Holds two Licenses – Distrabution and Extraction.

3) ABIS National Research, Inc.
Is our Development & Research division focusing on the new products and Law – Rule and Regulation updates?

4) Village Flora, Inc.
Is a delivery & Extraction Service which holds two Cannabis licenses. We are looking for partner

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